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I'm Tony (known to my kitties as "Tone"), and I bring complete care and well-being to cats while their humans are away from home. I take the stress out of making sure your cat will be well cared for and looked after.  I have decades of experience with the same concerns you have when you must be away from your beloved cats for any length of time. I will bring you peace of mind in knowing you have arranged for their happiness. Cats are as individual as humans, and all have two things in common: they live in the moment, and need their daily routines!  I'm so aware of this and I'm here to treat them with the utmost respect.  I know how it feels to miss my cats when I have to leave, to wonder and worry that they are getting the proper attention and protection.  45 years of cat ownership have given me the methods and skills to keep them thriving in their own home.  I also have years of experience giving meds, subQ fluids, insulin, pills, and oral liquid medications too.  Above all, I don't just "sit" them--I share life with them.  I'm so dedicated to all cats and tuned-in to their needs, so when I do my work, it results in your happiness.  The connection I make with your furbabies, while keeping you in touch with the daily visits, has made a long list of loyal repeat clients.   Let me be your cats' sunshine and starlight while you're away! 

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"Tony has a way with cats that comes from one  He will treat your cats and their living environment with a level of excellence that is beyond belief!" 

Serving Brentwood, West LA, Santa Monica, Westwood, and surrounding areas.


Some testimonials... 

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For many more testimonials and reviews CLICK HERE

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I work through the Meowtel agency, a complete, excellent service!

For reservations, fees, more about me and more reviews:     CLICK  HERE 

Call me at 310-430-0916

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My work is dedicated to the eternal memory of Jake, an angel cat who blessed my life forever. I love you Jakeybel.  Rest In Peace.

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